Maggie Smith Kuhn

My guests were floored at how she brought our event to life

I am going to add to the absolutely deserved praise Maggie receives for her work because she is just top-tier amazing. My husband didn’t even know this service even existed but he was on board as soon as I told him about Maggie and her work. We had decided we did not want a videographer for our wedding so we allocated those funds towards event painting. Although there were event painters closer to where we lived, we decided to fly out Maggie because she seemed so worth it and we were not wrong. Before I get into how in awe we and our guests were, I just want to add my further appreciation for Maggie regarding her bookings and courtesy. When I first reached out to Maggie, I asked her if our wedding date was available. She let me know it was and that to confirm the date, to send the deposit. I planned on sending the deposit as soon as I received her response but a financial situation came up and I was unable to send it promptly. I was afraid our date would be taken as we tried to build our budget back up and just assumed Maggie would move on because I had yet to respond to her. Lo and behold, after some time, she got in contact with me when another bride-to-be requested our date. She let me know that since I was the first to call dibs verbally, she contacted me to see if I would still like to book her. I was so happy that she still had the courtesy to let me know even though I was the one that was lagging in response. I took that as a second chance and scrounged up what we could at the moment to ensure we can have her come. My guests were floored at how she brought our event to life and I truly love how she included all the most important people. Her detail work is impeccable and people still rave to me about what a special idea it was to have such talent at the wedding. I cannot wait to frame up the final painting and have it hanging in my forever home. Thank you so much, Maggie!

Stephanie K

I could not recommend her more!

Maggie is absolutely incredible!!! She did TWO. TWO. live paintings at our wedding. They were spectacular and still “wow” me every time I look at them. She has such an eye for detail and included all of the important people in our lives in the paintings. I could not recommend her more! It is going to be so special to look back at these for decades to come!

Lydia S

Working with her was a pleasure

Maggie was absolutely amazing and professional. Our painting is stunning and captured our ceremony and the feeling of the moment perfectly. Working with her was a pleasure and I would highly recommend her if you want something unique to add to your wedding!

Amy A

My painting is GORGEOUS!

Oh my goodness I could not be happier with Maggie! My painting is GORGEOUS! Maggie was so incredibly kind, arrived on time, and stayed a bit after. My guests were floured and everyone commented on how beautiful and unique it was to have my ceremony painted, and how talented Maggie was. I keep staring at my painting! My husband told me on our honeymoon that he was skeptical with my idea to hire a live painter (he’s stingy lol) but he’s so happy we were able to have Maggie for our ceremony painting that day! We’re still talking about it! My guests had fun picking themselves out of the painting. My only regret is that I could not afford to do both the ceremony and first dance! Her work is so amazing that I want more paintings from her 🙂 Thank you, Maggie!! Shout out to Melody, who helped coordinate all communication beforehand, too.

Alexa D

Every stroke captured the details of our special day

Maggie was absolutely fantastic! We had her do a live acrylic painting of our wedding reception and could not have dreamed of owning something this beautiful. Every stroke captured the details of our special day. Our guests were in awe of her work and enjoyed watching her paint from start to finish and seeing it all come to life! She created a one of a kind keepsake that we will forever cherish.

Lia F

What a treasure we have now!

Maggie painted our first dance at our wedding and wow, what a treasure we have now! Maggie was very easy to work with to book our date and her prices were very reasonable. We were able to pay her via venmo which made making payments and giving her a tip very easy to do – a big perk when you have a lot of different vendors with different payment systems! On our wedding day, things were running a tad behind schedule during the room flip for the reception and Maggie remained calm and collected which shows her professionalism. Once we started the reception formally, guests were immediately interested in what she was doing and she chatted to all of them about her process while they ooh’d and ahh’d over her work. She was the talk of the party all night! Now, six months later, whenever our wedding comes up Maggie is always part of the conversation. Maggie put an archival glaze on our painting so we didn’t get it the night of the wedding. We picked it up shortly after though and it just spread the wedding joy around! I am so happy with how our painting turned out. It is truly an heirloom that can be passed down generation to generation. Such a special way to commemorate our big day! I really cannot recommend Maggie enough. She is truly a wonderful human being and her painting will hang in our home forever!

Brittany H

Maggie is the pinnacle of live wedding painting

Simply put, Maggie is the pinnacle of live wedding painting. I’ve been following Maggie and dreaming of having her paint at our wedding for some time. When I got engaged, she was the very first vendor I booked after we got our venue/ date nailed down. (It was within 24 hours of booking our venue, if that helps express how eager we were to have Maggie at our wedding.) Despite all of the anticipation and time I spent pouring over her work, nothing—truly, nothing—could have prepared me for the pure magic that Maggie added to our wedding. Seeing her painting at our reception brought me to tears. Maggie didn’t just paint a scene from our wedding reception. She managed to capture the movement, the lighting, the intangible energy…all of the little details that make up the spirit of the evening. Every time I look at it, I could cry a thousand tears for the joy and happiness that it evokes. The painting is absolutely stunning. To say that we will treasure this painting forever doesn’t even begin to cover it…it will be a family heirloom that we pass down. Words will never be enough express our gratitude and amazement at Maggie’s rare and incomparable talent.

Breea B