Maggie Smith Kuhn

Live Event Painting in the Park: Brittany & Coulter

Is there anything more stunning than a mother and child in love? Meet Brittany Knapik, one of my dear friends, and the brand new mother of Coulter. She’s head over heels for this baby, and I couldn’t resist taking them to the park to paint the bond they’re forming.

The only way to get the painting done in the park was to wake up at 5am and valiantly try to find parking in the middle of Atlanta (good luck, even that early), but Brittany was determined. She pushed Coulter in his mammoth stroller up the hills and quieted him in his distress, because he had just had his vaccinations the day before, and he was pitiful. Is it really worth it? You might be asking. Well, look: brittany1 brittany2 brittany3

Gorgeous! I chose oil on canvas for this project, because the medium of oil is as timeless as the subject I was painting! Drumroll please, here is the finished painting!


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