Maggie Smith Kuhn

A Summer of Watercolors

This summer I finally made the leap. I am officially a full-time artist, painting for my living and loving every second! I can’t deny, there was a moment of panic when I told David (my husband) that I thought I could maybe just possibly make a living from paintings alone, but he was so encouraging and said “Duh. DO IT.” I’ve never been good at risk taking, and this felt like diving off a one-thousand foot cliff into a teacup.

Well, here I am, swimming in the most fabulous teacup there ever was. Much to my surprise, putting the word out on social media was the best thing EVER. Commissions came pouring in, so many that I have had to set up a staggered schedule! There’s only one me and so much time, and now suddenly my whole summer is booked to the gills! Huzzah!

I’ve had a lot of requests for watercolors lately, so most of this month has been full of dreamy animals, weddings, and old friends, rendered in pastel colors. I am happy to report that most of these images were made while I sat on my deck in the summer sun, sipping iced black coffee and fighting off my rambunctious puppy Dizzy, who seems to think watercolor powder tastes amazing. Enjoy these images, I have a slew of new work I’ll be posting in the next week, as well as an exciting announcement! Cheers!

Highland Cows. The client wanted this painting as a last minute nursery addition to celebrate her new baby. She was obsessed with Highland Cows, and I have to say that after making this painting, I am now also obsessed. Oh god, the cows, they are so fuzzy.
I call this painting “Baby Mine”. I was inspired by the gut-wrenching song from Disney’s classic, Dumbo. I don’t think I have elephants out of my system yet, there will be more of these before summer is over!
Nymph and Japanese Macaque. This was a weird little illustration I concocted after reading some Japanese fairytales.
White Horse Running. Is there anything more majestic than a horse in motion? I think not. I was so inspired by this image, and so glad it went to a good home!
Champ. This painting is really important to me. This is the childhood dog of one of my best friends, and he recently passed away. I knew Champ, he was the sweetest pup, and I was honored to immortalize him on his favorite blanket, a blanket that he adorably carried from room to room like a baby would. Painting this image felt like the least I could do for the family.
Lindsay and Tatum. This commission was really fun. The client sent me old photos of herself and her friend, and I merged a couple to create this portrait of their childhood. The painting was a gift for the girl on the right of the painting, to celebrate her wedding. I knew these girls at this age!
Jessica and Robby. I loved painting this wedding portrait, the client gave me an incredible photo to work with. The stained glass was so intricate and bright, the pose was perfection. Really proud of this one.

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